Sleep Apnea Machine

Sleep Apnea Machine & Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy 


Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a therapy typically used for the patients who have breathing problem during the sleep such as

CPAP Settings
CPAP Settings

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), It is a Sleep Apnea machine  A specially designed device to work on the principle of positive airway pressure ventilator, People who have OSA have a hard time breathing while sleep, the machine with a breathing mask enables the person to breathe easily all night long by keeping the airway passage open by applying mild air pressure continuously in the throat. The treatment is for a longer period of time so the patient uses it every night while sleeping. Some patients don’t respond to the CPAP therapy due to their medical  advised to  Learn more about

DIfference between CPAP and BIPAP.

How Sleep Apnea Machine – CPAP works.

The CPAP is a machine device which works as a positive airway pressure ventilator, the delivery of the air pressure is through a nasal mask which the patient wears before sleeping; the machine continuously pumps air pressure through the mask which keeps the air passage open. There are few things that should be known, before a patient uses the CPAP, they have to go for a sleep study titration test where the air pressure is determined with a help of a sleep titration machine. The air pressure calculated is used to calibrate your CPAP machine, only after the calibration the CPAP machine can be used effectively. Traditionally, CPAP comes with a nasal mask. However, if your requirements are different then there are other options available in the market. A wide variety of CPAP masks and extensions are available.

What to expect

The therapy has been used year after year and it has quite a successful rate in the treatment of OSA. Few patients can experience some minor side effects like cpap bloating in the initial course of therapy which generally resolved as patients adapt to the treatment. You have to be patience before seeing any result as using the device itself takes time before the patient gets used to it. If you find yourself trouble adjusting to the machine you should try another type of mask which suits and fit you correctly, there are various type of CPAP mask available on the self. This sleep apnea treatment is  for a longer duration of time so keep calm and let the treatment work for you.

Why CPAP therapy.

Over the years CPAP therapy has proven to be the most effective non –surgical treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP outweighs the options like surgical treatment. That is why it is the first treatment choice for many and more commonly used among OSA patients.

How Well CPAP Works.

CPAP works really well in reversing the symptoms of sleep apnea. The patients can sleep a longer duration of time with a CPAP machine than without it. Above we have already discussed that CPAP is advantageous over surgical treatment. Studies have also backed PAP therapy in improving symptoms related to heart and blood pressure. On the last note, Sleep Apnea Machine -CPAP It is well tested, reliable and an effective therapy.  

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