10 Awesome Sleeping Tips for Relaxing Sleep.

sleeping tips

The greatest blessing of all in this world I would day is a good night sleep, A relaxing body, a calm mind and soulful of peace is what you get from a deep sleep. However in this ever moving world the life is sometimes too demanding of us we get stressed, burnout and sometimes its difficult to sleep with all this going on. Nevertheless To our rescue, luckily, there is handful of tips that we could use to improve our sleep and attain the rest that we deserve after a hard day’s work and awake fresh as new, to face a new blessed day.

Time Tested Tips which Could be Used for a Goodnight Sleep.

Bed Time Routine with Alarm Clock:

If you are one of those who wants to complete everything in a day, then you might find it hard to hit the bed on same time, schedule your go to bed routine with the alarm clock. This will help you strike the bed same time every day.

It feels good but prevent the urge to snooze:

You could always be flexible with the wake alarm time as if you have want a little say extra 5 or 10mins then set your alarm for a little later time but do not snooze after that. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself, good habits takes time and efforts.

Go easy on alcohol and caffeine before bed:

Caffeine is all no no after the 3 pm as it really interferes with the sleep which could prevent you from falling asleep. Same with alcohol it may make you a little drowsy during the night but you will be more likely to wake up at night.

Slip on some socks:

How bizarre it may sound. Yes, wearing a pair of socks could really make you fall asleep, the science behind is that some of us feel a lot colder than others and slipping on clean socks will keep you warm and help you fall asleep. Good night with clean socks!!!

Sleep in a dark room:

Our brain takes signal from a darkroom that it’s time to sleep, so make your bedroom sleep friendly and make sure that there is no light in your bedroom. Your brain will catch the signal and you will have good night sleep.

Relax and leave the gadgets an hour before bedtime:

Light emitting from your gadgets like smart phones, laptops and TVs, excites our brain so sometime it’s difficult to fall asleep if one is regularly using them. Avoid using them an hour before the bedtime.

Exercise Regularly:

Numerous studies back that exercising even for a few minutes can make a huge difference in your rest. Add some routine of physical activities in your day but avoid it doing later in the day as you may find it hard to fall asleep instead of feeling tired and sleepy.

Reserve The Bed for Sleep and Sex Only:

I would say that avoid reading in the bedroom as it requires your attention, emotion and engages your mind. Keep the bedroom for sleeping and sex only. Brain plays an important role in sleeping so training the brain is a must. The brain must relate to bedroom as a place where you sleep and not for any other activity.

Work Through Your Thoughts About the Day Before Getting Into Bed:

Process your day by going through events of the day, just see the day from a neutral point of view this give you the idea on how you can make things better next time. Make to do list for tomorrow’s task clear your mental field. After that try meditation.


Ten minutes meditation is enough to calm your mind and give you the starting relaxation for sleep that you need. Sit in a comfortable position and watch your breath for sometime let the thoughts come and go, try this technique, it works for many.